Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creating with Prima and Ingvild Bolme

Last night I attended the most amazing class....taught by none other than the Queen of Prima herself, Ingvild Bolme!

Ingvild lives in Norway, but was in the U.S. for CHA and decided to come up north to teach a few classes! Thanks to Trisha Ladouceur, a Prima Educator, and Treasured Memories scrapbook store for organizing this wonderful event :)

Here is the gorgeous layout we made....
Ingvild's incredible design!
 All Prima goodies on this layout, and the best part was using Ingvild's new tools, which she designed for Prima...but they're not scheduled for release until October.
The amazing multi-distresser tool
Check out all the bits and pieces incorporated into this tool...
The end comes off to expose a metal brush.
I used the metal brush to distress the edges of my photo...
The stamped fence in the background is a new iron fence Prima stamp
The butterflies and delicate blue flowers on the right are rub-ons, and the red flowers are fussy cut with Ingvild's new craft knife.

I'm not big on using a craft knife, but this one is going on my shopping list!   

These edges were distressed with the tool and inked with Ingvild's new chalk inks.

Look at this cool ergonomic design...with a little handle!
Soooo easy to hold and manipulate! Loved these inks!
We added extra flowers along the Prima vine to create a lush floral border.
This class was a fabulous experience, and I was thrilled to meet Ingvild. 
That's what I love about the scrapbooking has become a global community, and we can share our passion for art and design all around the world!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mosquito Killer

It all started with a search for Scotch tape.

I have a small desk in my kitchen that has one drawer to hold pens, pencils, scissors...well, you get the idea.  This drawer is also supposed to have Scotch tape.....but of course, when I really need some tape and look in my drawer, I find nothing.

Whenever something goes missing, I go to BOF (BabyOfTheFamily).  She is often the culprit.  Upon questioning, her response is "I don't have any tape."

In reality, she THINKS she doesn't have the Scotch tape because she cannot SEE the Scotch tape in her mess of a room.  Even I cannot see the tape in her room because her desk looks like this...
The desk of a creative, yet tormented, soul

I try to ask nicely, "Clean up your room.  NOW."

BOF is a creative child with a wonderfully inventive imagination.  You know the saying that artists have "tormented souls"? Well, I beg to differ.  I say that the MOTHERS of artists are the ones who are "tormented."

Because when I return to BOF's bedroom to check on the clean up process, this is what I see...
Crime scene?  I guess I can't disagree with that.

I'd say the "Hand scan" is a bit much....
At least the sign is polite ("Thank You")
I'm pretty much ready to give up the search for the Scotch tape at this point.

But as I head out the door awhile later to run errands, I stop at the window in our mud room (small room for jackets and shoes and whatever else between the garage and our house).

What in heaven's name is on the window??
Look carefully.....can you see Scotch tape anywhere?
I lean in for a closer look....and am astounded by what I discover!
One dead mosquito...taped to the window.
Two dead mosquitoes
Three dead mosquitoes
Did I mention we have a mosquito infestation in our city right now?  And did I mention that BOF is horribly afraid of mosquitoes and will not touch them?  Her solution....kill the mosquitoes on the window with SCOTCH TAPE!!

You would think the most logical solution is the "Off" repellant that is sitting RIGHT ON THE WINDOW SILL!
Mosquito killer #1
Hey, here's another possibility....
Mosquito killer #2...the dreaded HAND!
Or even this handy dandy device that all insects FEAR...
Mosquito killer #3
But no....ALL of these solutions to the mosquito problem are much too simple, normal and logical!

An innovative mind chooses Scotch tape as a form of pest control.
Silly me.  I thought this product was for gift wrapping and fixing torn papers. 

The search for the tape is over....but the search for my sanity has just begun :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweets from a Sweetie


Last week, I received a sweet little notification from my scrapbooking friend Cindy, aka Cindy's Pages In Time. Thanks so much made my day!! A few days later, my friend Pendra sent me the same award!! I appreciate your kindness, Pendra, but dang it...I was going to send this on to YOU too!

Coincidentally, this picture looks EXACTLY like the strawberry shortcake dessert I made for Canada Day, but...horror of horrors... I didn't take a photo!!

Now I have to pass this on to 7 blogging friends.  That is definitely the hardest part because there are so many wonderful blogs and friends out there!! I hate choosing, but choose I must, so in no particular order, I pass this yummy award onto these lovely people:   Michelle at Michelle's Scrap Bits, Renee at Luv This Scrap, Patty at A Sassy Scrapper, Shawn at Poetry in a Pot of Tea,  Sharon at That Girl Fritchey, Izzy at Write Snap Scrap, and Natasha at Moments of Tranquility

I met all these wonderful scrapbookers over at, and have been inspired by their designs and enjoyed their friendship for over a year.  I have to say, it was soooo tough to pick only SEVEN, so if another award comes my way, I certainly have a long list of other blogs that I can share it with :)

Now comes Part 2 of this award....listing 7 random facts about ME!  Hmmmm, not sure if I want you to know all my deep dark secrets, but here we go:

7.  I'm allergic to every pet/animal around, but when I was young, I had the following pets (and I'm a city girl!): turtles, rabbit, duck, gerbils.
My duck "Buttercup"

6. Even though I'm allergic to most creatures, I have a tender heart and soft spot for all of them, even spiders and snakes....but I hate magpies.
My Arch Enemy

5.  I appear to be a calm person, but I'm a horribly impatient driver and use my horn...a LOT. Even my kids tell me to lay off the horn.  Then two weeks ago I met someone else with road rage.  An "old lady" with white hair pursued me in a car chase in my neighbourhood after I accidentally cut her off at the grocery store.  Lesson horn is now silent.
Re-Enactment of Car Chase

4.  This week I travelled up north on a 3-day business trip.  The only time I watch tv is in a hotel room.  There I lay in my bed eating Cheetos and Popcorn....while watching "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss edition.  I lost my appetite.
Cheezies AND a bath?? Heaven!

3.  I don't take showers, only baths.  And wash my hair in the kitchen sink. Yep.
My nightly ritual

2.  I don't drink coffee or alcohol but have always been in LOVE with Earl Grey tea, with lots of milk and sugar.
I might as well be British...because this is my constant companion

1.  I have nice thick wavy hair....but HATE to do anything with it.  I don't have bad hair days, but I have lazy hair days and wear lots of pony tails.  I only go to the salon a few times a year because I think it takes too long to cut or colour my hair.
My pony tail role model

Whew!  Now that I've revealed these secrets here, I'm feeling a little like a Catholic school girl who has gone to Confession...ha ha!  Bonus fact:  I was brought up Catholic but my spiritual beliefs are a combo of all the great religions in the world
And that's enough secrets for now.... Peace :)