Thursday, June 9, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My older daughter and I get along great.  She's the easygoing one in the family, ready to laugh at her own mistakes and doesn't stay angry for long.  Must be my genetics.  But for the sake of this blog, I will call her Drama Queen or DQ, an affectionate nickname for her in our family.

But the one issue that rears its ugly head and we argue about is her uncanny ability to keep her room messy.  I guess you could say DQ is a "collector"....a nice term for a "packrat"....and likes to hang on to things FOREVER. 

Like her magazines.  They stack up and stack up and I do not understand why she doesn't toss them.  Sooooo frustrating!

The other day when I walked into her room (hmmmm...maybe I should just stay OUT of my teenagers' rooms!) I saw this lovely display on her floor
And her night table beside her bed had a similar mountain of assorted reading materials...
So of course I "lost it" and we had a roaring good "discussion." 

To calm myself down, I ran a hot bath and soaked with one of my favourite scrapbooking magazines in hand
And then went straight to bed with a good book.
Okay, okay....the irony of this is not lost on me.  Or should I say the HYPOCRISY?? ha ha!

We will be featured on the TLC tv show "Hoarders" some day soon :)


  1. Hahahaha! That is too funny! Where DOES she get it from??? Hmmmmmm... LOL. I was doing the same until I realized that I had YEARS worth of magazines that I never once reread a second time. :o)

  2. You forgot to mention that she has also inherited your stunning good looks. I love the line "ready to laugh at her own mistakes". Wonder where she gets that from?

  3. I was a teen magazine pack rat in my younger days too!

  4. OMG too funny!!! I ride my son (8 years old) for being messy about something and then do it myself too. We're just trying to make them better than us, right? LOL

  5. hypocrites aren't we???/ LOL...I think you have a bigger pile of scrap mags by the tub than even i do Kelly!!!!

  6. OMG - i love your sense of humor. This truly made me smile. OH, and I thought my stack of magazine was large, but you have Mt. Everest!!